Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Battling the future

All of us know that it is an uphill battle achieving TM’s business objectives this time around. Nonetheless, our colleagues in Marketing and Sales have to continue to sell existing and incoming capacity, bill customers timely and notify customers for payment. We in Network Operations have to continue to support Regional Network Operations in the service installations and restorations, relief and rehab schemes to create capacity, cleaning database like CPAS and ensure that service breakdowns are attended to in timely manner while consistently maintaining our focus to achieve all MCMC targets. All these activities will put extreme pressure on our resources. Who would have thought that after all these years, we are still facing the same crisis?

The only difference is that this time around it is more acute, requiring for us to put our thoughts, skills and effort together. It would be nice if we succeed all the MCMC physical targets this year. But for me, the true reward is not in achieving those targets although they matter the most in term of avoiding the contractual penalties and maintain TM’s integrity at the top. What is more important is that nobody will be more skillful in removing bottlenecks as we plough through IPLC and Broadband crisis, and richer in terms of the experience of undergoing the process of “managing chaos” before us. Think about it.

I have always been the proponent that in time when tremendous demand is placed upon us, we have to be radical in our thinking and innovative in our approach to work. In fact it is our earnest desire to see TM pervasive in its culture for radical ideas, innovative in implementing those ideas, and relentlessly pursuing a culture that is continuously seeking a synthesis, a balance between the old guards and the young turks, a synergy between the old wisdom and the new, and the harmonious “chaos” in solving the daily problems. We are truly blessed indeed that all these demands have somehow created the very culture I mentioned. Today we are tougher than before and I do not think it is an overstatement that Network Operations today is more customer-focused, more responsive to the needs of the staff, and a lot more aggressive in its key initiatives than before. In fact we are about to witness the emerging of new ethos, and a positive culture that potentially will push us for higher efficiency.

Today, technology is becoming more the determinant that will steer most companies to success. A so we buy the digital switches, computers, routers, SDH, NGN etc. To me these technologies will be useless up and until the prevailing culture in Operations is pervasive enough to accept and operate at an intersection that will generate revenue and profitability for TM. You may ask, “…an intersection of what?”

In the industry that we are in, it is the “intersection” between infra, equipment & devices, and the human factor. Let us take the public payphone service as an example. For us to provide the service, there should be an infra which include cable plants and switches, there should be a device(…the payphone equipment itself) properly fitted to the booth, and there should be a dedicated team of technicians to ensure proper maintenance and cleaning of the payphone done to provide good hygiene and service availability. We should immediately notice that revenue generation will be impaired once any one of the three is missing. Since revenue and other opportunities are lying at this intersection, it would be natural then that the better and more effective we manage the intersection, the more money we will make. The challenge for all of us therefore is to facilitate the flow of radical ideas, either from the staff or through team brainstorming session, ideas radical enough to capitalize the intersection. The next challenge would be in harnessing the immense creative energy of the staff in transforming/implementing those ideas into revenue potential (…sometimes it can be cost-saving, quality improvement or image building). The third and the biggest challenge of all is to strike a balance of the resources we have around us.(…people, materials or otherwise) so that there will be a synthesis of effort towards achieving common objectives.

Can you identify a few of these intersectional opportunities? If you can’t, try doing it in group of five to eight. I guarantee you will have plenty. There’s nothing magical about it, its just the synergy of working in a team. After all would there be a better world in the absence of interdependency?

So with a tight year-end and a BP06 that further emphasize cost saving, the only fallback for us is to heed the advice of Dr. Covey’s “ first thing first”. Let us prioritize everything from expansion to operations to maintenance and more so our lives. So that the little that we have can be be maximized in its entirety.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Gaban a.k.a Gavan

For those who born on early 80's, i bet they could definitely recognized Gaban, our greatest childhood hero. Gaban's identity might be unique, coz around that time, not much of tv programs about heros except the famous Ultraman, compared to now where there are thousands of so-called heros. All because in the yesteryears, we only have 3 tv stations in operations if compared to hundreds of them now.

Recall back the memories, I was nick-named gaban since form one, for the reasons that i could not remember. Its all started by the seniors of course. Staying in boarding schools, i guest most of us have their nick name. Growing up among friends for five years and being call by nick names among us, might have made them a habit. Thus, the nick name remains as we further study and even after started working. I could tell most of my friends couldn't easily recall my real name but they could-very-easily retrieve my image from their sereberum within micro seconds when they hear gaban... funny thing aren't they.

Gaban's Spaceship

Some funny nick names of my frens are "rumet" (which originates from room-mate), "cicok", "apek" "apong" "gejeh" "poye" "poknab" ...... and the list continues...

Back to gaban....

As for those who can't quite remember, i could refresh a lil bit. Gaban was a japanese man, which has the capability to change himself to be a superhero by changing into his hi-tech attire or "baju gaban" within "0.05 saat" ...<-- thats the trademark. His enemy (Don-horo), whos continuously causing chaos to mankind by releasing many types of monsters or "raksaksa" to be precised. Thus Gaban will be the world-saver by destroying all the monsters without fail, in every episode (as far as i could remember, gaban never fails). Every time, Gaban fights those monsters, Don-horo will turn the earth axis to make it spins on the opposite direction, which was called "ruang angkasa setan".. Gaban will then seek help from his "kereta perisai" or Naga Gaban to help him travel through out the "ruang angkasa setan".

Kereta Perisai

Naga Gaban

Inside there, the raksaksa's strength would increase twice, but Gaban would never have difficulties since he has a secret weapon which called "pedang gaban". Once Gaban have activated "laser stabilt" (which made his pedang turns shining blue), that will mark that the fight has come to an end. Every monster or raksaksa had never escaped from being destroyed, once gaban had attack with "pedang gaban, potong dua"...

Thats may be just a part of childood memories bout super hero, that i believed may stays impertinent in my memories - at least not until everyone stops calling me with that nick name (which i guest would never happen :)

Gaban & Mimi

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mencari Cinta @ TV3

Last night i've finally had the opportunity to watch this "controversial" program, unintentionally. I was switching the channels and when i came thru TV3, it was mencari cinta. The comments i've read on papers, email bout this program was indeed very true. It was VERY HARD to keep watching even for 5 minutes, all coz it triggered such uneasy vortex in my stomach which made me felt like vomitting. buekk..... I just can't figured out how the guys in there have lowered their dignity to expose their desperation on finding a so called "love". Having their egos being "raped" by letting thyself to be thrown out as trash when they were deemed unwanted by the girl. and still, they nakedly swallowed all the humiliation.

huhh...are there a lot of desperate guys out there? ohh lord.... have mercy thy them.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

SAC Farewell

Thanks to all for organizing farewell for me and other SAC staff, especially BKS Committees (Aida, Zaiti, Yati, Sue). Not forgetting all you guys in 1090, it's been a great experience and pleasure working with all of you..

The audience...

Among the Cakes..

Manager Contact Center SAC 1090 to be... (the one on the left hehe)


These were the winning memories in Kejohanan Olahraga Telekom Malaysia (KOTMA XIII) in Terengganu earlier this month. It's been quite sometime i've not participate in any tournament, thus i'll mark this as the new beginning/return of myself. Looking forward to break some record in the coming KOTMA XIV which will be in Sarawak.

Kontingen Selangor

At the starting block

Moment of truth...

Running for gold

Podium for gold medalist

Incentives from Dato' Malek.. Selangor Chief De Mission

Golden Quartet

My Sis's Wedding

Dear sis, i wish you an everlasting happiness....

Friday, August 05, 2005

Conquering Altitude

Date : July 31st 2005
Time : 4.45 am
Location : 6° 5' N; 116° 36' E

On this date, i have finally set foot on South-East Asia's highest peak - Mount Kinabalu at the elevation of 4095.2 m above sea level.

Mahasuci allah atas keindahan alam ciptaan Nya

The conquerers...

Highest Phonebooth in Asean perhaps.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

My Birthday

Actually my birthday was on 13th July, i wanted to post this earlier but since soo busy with preparation to kinabalu and problems with this blog, only now i could post it. Anyway, would like to thank everyone that came, and to ajon, thanks for the "spirulina" cake. My birtday wish.... let me keep it to myself. =)

All photos are courtesy of Mr Nasran "the proffesional photographer in the making" hehe

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Teranung kitee....

If there's a single word to describe a driving trip to terengganu, it is "insane". But thats only if you are driving at night. If you appear to drive at daytime, then it would be "great". Night drive thru Karak was absolutely sucks. Luckily Cheeps with his stupid jokes and Ajon minimized the boredom. Cheeps then took over from Temerloh to "Mengabang Telipot" - what a name :)

Next morning i drove cheeps to his hometown. What a loser, jalan balik umah sendiri pon tak ingat ka?? heheh sorry cheeps, no offence budd. The barbeque that night was fabulous, fresh fish, traditionally marinated drumsticks and most important was, by the sea!

^newly found techniques to lighting up fire for barbeque grill ;)

The breakfast next day was even better, the true taste of "nasi dagang", at the price of 2 bucks, and the teh-o was 70 cents.. huhhh..

Pasar Kepayang, when your throw a glance from it's outside, you may think that it's just the same as other traditional "pasar", but in the inside, don't be surprised if you found shops which displays "Visa/Mastercard Accepted", plus..lots of friendly innocent chicks invites you to stop by their shoplots:p

We even learned how to make "rokok daun" from one makcik a.k.a old timer was fun :)

Terengganu beaches are marvelous, they're the kind of beaches that you won't expect to come across by the roadside.

Overall, i rated the trip as 7.8 out of 10. Might come back some time to explore "more" of Terengganu. And as for souveneir to you readers, here's the funny pic of a sleeping cat taken at Temerloh pit-stop, on the way back to KL..cheers - ED